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When we were kids we used to play a lot of board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Chinese Checkers etc. during our holidays and also when our cousins come to our houses for vacation. When we become older, we start thinking that these games are for kids and it is not that challenging enough.

As we lose our childhood and become adults we always turn back and cherish the moments that we had together when we were small and keep it to ourselves. But as we always want – “Don’t let the child inside you die”. And voila we found a new game for Finance geeks!! The Board of Investors.

While the LIBA Chrysalis team was busy wondering what games to add to the list of events, Joe Ebiston sprang up to take up the responsibility of designing finance event. Later when the game was finally up, and Justin was testing its technicalities someone asked how Joe came up with this idea. Joe answered saying, ‘I was at home during Christmas holidays and was in deep trouble to meet the deadline by the Chrysalis team in order to think of a game which could be conducted as part of the management events. Wondering on one side what to do I was watching my ten year old nephew playing board games with his friends.There struck a bolt in my head which made me call ‘Eureka’ to myself and wondered why it did not strike me earlier.’

Students passionate about Finance – Investments – Wealth management – Stocks and more are welcome to participate and win. And of course those you want to get a feel of what these might be in the real world, then this game is the best place to be in. Simple decisions lead to great results 🙂

Register here to experience the fun fill Investment Fiesta!


“Music should be something that makes you gotta move, inside or outside. ” — Elvis Presley

You might have wondered why bathroom singers remain bathroom singers forever! But with Chrysalis welcoming the best talents of all fields, why not take the next step?

Man enters into this universe and exits with music. But there are many out there who are looking out for a chance to sound out to the maximum but are driven by excuses. There can be none who are less interested in music. Everyone atleast wants to listen to it. For all those who bored your bathroom walls, give it a rest. Here is the most wonderful chance for you to explore your musical talent.


The gala event of LIBA Chrysalis 2011 invites all singers, professional, amateurs to participate and showcase your fresh talents to the world of music lovers.

B school students or engineering students or commerce students, music unites them all. Here in LIBA, we encourage talent by conducting various in-house events and we also have a Rock Band of our own. This time we want to bring in new talents around the country to our college and make our event a grand success. Friends of participants are most welcome to witness the show and take part in other interesting events around the college. 🙂

Here is the invitation for all the Shreya Goshals or Naresh Iyers or Britney Spears who can make a difference to our stage. Register Here.Rules and regulations of the game are given.

Come to CHRYSALIS and get transformed to a star in a day by your voice and music. Come and compete with the best voices and musicians and get amplified. Dare not to ignore it !!!

Two faces

There are two sides to every story!
Sometimes, what you see is not what you see.
Sometimes, truth is nothing but a lie about a lie.
Sometimes, the way to the light is through the dark.
“Do you concur, Dr. Jekyll?”
“I’m afraid not, Mr. Hyde.

No! This is not a call for people suffering from split personality disorder! This is knock on the door for all those who can pull off a great game of Block and Tackle at LIBA Chrysalis 2011.

Do you think that there are always two sides to a coin? Are you the one who can listen to both the angel with a halo on your right and the evil imp on your left at the same time? Can you find a counter argument to every argument? Even if it is your own argument?

What is fun when you are neutral, positive or negative mutually exclusive? There is masala if you have positive and negative at the same time! 🙂 Maybe a Black Swan movie would explain.

Well’s that’s exactly what Block and Tackle is all about. Participants will be given a particular topic on-the-spot. When the time starts, if the organizer says ‘Block’, the participant needs to present one view to the topic. And when the organizer says ‘Tackle’, within a split second, one needs to present the counter view. Think you can handle that?
Well it gets more interesting. Picture this: Within the span of two minutes you are going to go through something like a sequence of Roller Coaster Ride of Block… Tackle.. Block.. Tackle… 🙂 Your right brain speaks the truth. Your left brain speaks the opposite.

This game is sure to keep you thinking on your feet so gear up for all that action only at LIBA Chrysalis 2011– The annual B-School fest of Loyola Institute of Business Administration. Welcome aboard!  Mount on the wings of the butterfly and journey into a whole new world!
Calling all Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydes! Register Soon and block yourself a chance to tackle your opponents!

Looking back on Chrysalis!

With the butterflies suddenly spurting around in the spring of 2011, you might wonder where they are from? They may be from the Chrysalis of the past! So a little bit of history on Chrysalis 2009 may help you solve the mystery. Spring itself is the transition period from Winter to Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and we have this management symposium at the start of the transformation!

Chrysalis 2009 was on a theme based on Las Vegas! And what do you actually feel when you hear the words Butterflies and Vegas! It is complete excitement and most importantly colours! Just like you get a variety of entertainment in Vegas, we made sure that whoever came to LIBA on the days of Chrysalis had the same festive feeling of Vegas!

Would you mind being amidst festoons, casinos, ace of spades, wheel of fortune in Chennai? I doubt you would unless you are a conservative, boring, non fun-loving individual. With a flavour of management, wittiness, attitude and fun, Chrysalis is for all those who love participation, passion to win, who are dauntless in taking risk and are talented.

This season of Chrysalis we have made sure that each one of you has something in store and something to win and the curtain is waiting to be raised!! Get ready to grab the prize even before the D-Day Feb 25-27!!

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PGDM – 2nd year

It was cold. Add to that the fact that the incessant drizzle had upgraded itself to a more confident downpour. Plus the intermittent blasts of icy wind across the common room. It was in this Hoth-like environment that Davis, Dhaneesh and yours truly (… Jaggu 😉 ) set about changing how the world saw CHRYSALIS. Dhaneesh’s idea was to incorporate a butterfly, the Chrysalis emblem, into the logo. Y & S became wings, and a few abstract strokes filled out the rest of the Winged Wonder. Davis and me put it together in Photoshop, trying to get Dhaneesh’s design pixel perfect.

A group of ex-LIBA-ites, presumably ’95 grads, kept us company in the Common Room, catching up on each others’ lives, surreptitiously glancing at the Trio hunched over one laptop. “They’re working on something important, don’t disturb them.”

By now, we were not making any secret of the fact that it was bone-chilling cold. The abstract strokes were going off on tangents, and fingers were numbing. But the Butterfly slowly but surely took shape. And at an impossibly dark 6 PM, Davis finally announced, “Ok, that’s it guys. We have the logo.”

We got drenched on the way back to the hostel, but by then The Butterfly had taken wing. And Chrysalis 2011, finally had a face.

Curtain Raiser Poster

Hey all,

The event is in the making and preparations are on in full swing! In the meanwhile, here’s an idea of what the event is all about. Take a look at our poster here below…

Enter 2011 with a Bang!!

A Chrysalis is a stage in the life of a caterpillar where it is transformed from an ugly larva to a beautiful butterfly.

So what can you expect from the LIBA’s flagship event Chrysalis 2011?? Transformation!! Yes, that’s the magic word! The experience of Chrysalis is sure to leave you transformed, as you enter as a B-School student yet emerge as a competent professional, ready to take on the corporate world. Chrysalis has something for everyone, and with events ranging from management games to cultural contests to sports challenges to a Rock Show to our signature Corporate Quiz, Chrysalis has it all! We at LIBA are dedicated to ensuring every one of you who experiences this event, experiences the best. The colours of Chrysalis signify that the event is full of fun, action and entertainment combined with challenges of your wits, smartness and intelligence. Come, experience a perfect melange of professionalism and action-packed excitement!

Keep watching this space for more details of the event!! Our website is up and running and you can visit it at

Come! Get transformed!!